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4 Cool kids bedroom design ideas with colorful decoration

2017/01/04(水) 21:24:35

The study area is one of the most important and essential spaces in the bedroom or anywhere. In the kids room, study table should be at the right pace. But the problem is that how we can find such a place in our kids room? Now we'll help you to decorate your kids bedroom design ideas with the modern ideas of the study table. Through our today's post, you can see the top best study table ideas in children's rooms. First of all, you have to decorate your kids bedroom, then place the study table in a perfect place. To see more ideas, have a look below and see the full post.

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The most primary thing that you need to keep in mind when you are designing your kid's bedroom is that children are perceptive and imaginative. Really young children love to have their day dreams and fantasies and therefore the design of their room should be such that it inspires them. Inspiration is a big thing for a child because in their formative years if you can plant a tree right then their roots are always strong.Next in kids bedroom designs ideas we have the topic of color. Now, this is a critical issue because usually, most parents go berserk when selecting colors for the room. However the best choice would be a primary color, nothing too loud but at the same time not to dark enough. A sky blue or a baby pink color would be really nice on the walls as well as on the eyes of your child. If your child is say seven or eight then you could involve your child in painting their rooms and putting things in order. That way they would feel more in tune with the entire setting and refurnishing of their bedrooms.

Children Bedroom

Fresh condition of children bedroom design ideas

2016/10/21(金) 06:30:49

I need my own space' is a familiar cry of the late twentieth century. But very rarely do we relate this lament to our children's lives. We are so often tempted to relegate them to the smallest rooms (where there is, in theory, less room to make a mess) and somehow we don't imagine that their little lives could possibly be so full of confusion and clutter as to require a well-thought-out, organized, private space all to themselves.

We forget about the pressures brought on by bickering brothers and sisters, the claustrophobic life of the school room and the confrontations of a competitive playground, not to mention the constant attention of parents who 'don't understand'.

If children are to survive and to develop into sane adulthood, they need all the help we can give them and if, by allocating them their own special quiet space, we can help this along, then so much the better.

The thought process needed for the planning of children's rooms is very similar to that required for living room designs as well. First naturally come the practicalities: the activities to cater for, the storage to accommodate and comfort and security to attend to.

Then there are the aesthetic considerations - also very important. Who, for instance, cannot recall the wallpaper of their room of formative years? So pause a moment to think before reaching for that book of clown wallpaper prints. Careful planning before you start decorating will ensure that your child will be safe, comfortable and happy.

What activities is your child likely to perform in his/her room? To name but a few - sleeping, eating, playing, craftwork, study and, last but not least, entertaining. It is a good idea to create separate areas for each activity so that the child who may spend many hours in this one room has some contrast between the different activities and so that 'messy' areas do not intrude into other parts of the room - though this, of course, will depend upon the space available.

If two are to share one room, efforts should be made to allocate specific areas for each child which 'belong' to him/her and for which he/she is responsible. This will help to encourage growing children to feel more responsible for their room in the future.

Written by Michelle Reynold

Children Bedroom

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