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Residential architecture design and modern residential architecture

2012/03/15(木) 06:10:38

Residential architecture design is an architectural discipline which focuses on the design of residencies, ranging from single family homes to apartment complexes. There are various concerns which are unique to residential architecture design, and skilled residential architects are always in high demand.

Fundamentally, residential architecture design is about designing and building homes that are aesthetic yet functional. Residential architects need to consider the prevailing building codes, safety measures, floor plans, exit placements and other issues. They must also be able to work together with their clients to build homes that conform to their specific whims and needs. Every client has a slightly different design perspective as well as dissimilar needs and demands for a home.

Clients may also have specific requests such as a house that blends in with an existing art collection, or a desire to create a home that advocates the appearance of an earlier era. Since people want homes that they enjoy living in; a huge part of residential architecture design is focused on creating structures that feel like homely and please the artistic predilections of the customers.

Residential architecture can also encompass restoration and renovation of existing homes. Each subset of residential architecture requires different skills and abilities.A residential architect with a proved track record can usually command a very high fee for his or her skills, since a house is not going to be built or substantially renovated without the services of an architect.

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